Wedding Videographer Costs 2019

Updated March 2019: After research, we reveal the average price for a Wedding Videographer in Ireland and it may surprise you. Read on ...

Posted by Eoin Healy on March 7, 2019 / Comments

How Much Does A Wedding Videographer Cost Ireland 2019

According to recent surveys a Wedding Videographer in Ireland costs on average between €1500 and €4000. With the average wedding in Ireland costing €31,000, this means between 5% and 13% of the wedding budget is now being dedicated to wedding videography.

A new finding is that wedding videographer costs are now on par with that of wedding photographers. Couples are now spending as much on their wedding videographers as they are on their photographers and in some cases more. As videographers become more popular, couples are spending more and more on skilled wedding videographers to capture their day with style and elegance.

Some of the surveys we researched in one from One Fab Day, which reports that Wedding Videography now costs on average between €2000 and €4000. Backing up these numbers is another recent survey from in March 2019 which closely reports that average costs is between €1500 and €3500, with high end couples spending €4000 and above on the the top weddings videographers in the country.</a>

At Hitched Films, our pricing is at top end of the scale and reflects the quality of our films and the time we dedicate to each wedding and it's story. Most Hitched Films couples have wedding budgets of €50,000 and over. Hitched Films is unique in Ireland for always providing two videographers on a wedding day and is often considered amoung the best wedding videographers in Ireland.

For couples whose overall wedding budget is more in line with average wedding budget of €25-35,000 and their videography budget is in the €1500 to €2500 range, we recommend our sister wedding videography studio - Run Wild Weddings. Run Wild provides a single videographer for your day but still creates beautiful wedding videos that you will love for years to come. Run Wild is now one of Ireland’s fastest growing wedding videography studios and is taking bookings for 2019 & 2020.</a>

Why Does Wedding Videography Cost So Much?

Wedding Videography has undergone a dramatic change in the past 6 years. What was once a relatively simple, point and shoot style has been transformed by many new highly qualified and upskilling videographers. It’s not uncommon to now find wedding videographers with University degrees in film or media, which has pushed the revolution we’ve seen towards complex wedding films, often on par with TV documentaries, commercials and short films. These videos are more engaging and more emotional - family heirlooms that couples will want to watch again and again.

Availability And Its Impact On Cost

Unlike a lot of other suppliers, Wedding Videographers have a limited resource each year. That resource is time. Depending on how long a Wedding Videographer is prepared to spend on the edit after each wedding, you will usually find that it affects how many weddings that Wedding Videographer can take on per year. Compared to individual Florists or Bridal Boutiques who can usually work to your budget regardless of size, individual Wedding Videographers are likely going to have to stick to a particular price range based on their offering and edit time they have committed themselves to for each wedding. In this regard, most Wedding Videographers are unlikely to offer significant (or any) discounts on their pricing. If you find your original budget is below the pricing of a Wedding Videographer you really want, it’s usually best to move things around in your budget elsewhere and find the extra couple of hundred you need to book the Videographer you really want.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget that after the wedding day, once the cake has been eaten and the flowers have withered, your wedding video will be one of the only things to remain. And you’ll have to believe us - your wedding video will only become more important to you and your family as the months and years pass by.

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